Currently, in development. Expected Release: Fall 2017

Examining Man's Relationship with Technology

I love science fiction and though I really enjoy modern action sci-fi, but I wanted to write something that was more reminiscent of the classic science fiction stories that deals with how scientific advancement may impact humans - the consequences it may have, and the potential solutions.

From Asimov to Star Trek: The Next Generation, I can't help but feel that science fiction is at its best when it's used to explore our humanity and that's what I set out to do here.

The Humanity of Technology

The naturalism of technology - the idea that it is an extension of us, a limb by which we express our cognition and realize our imagination, is endlessly fascinating and enchanting to me.

Even looking coldly at technology as a tool, there is romance in the idea that it is the method by which we impact the world.

Kevin Kelly's idea of The Technium - the Seventh Kingdom of Life - makes a heartening case for a brighter tomorrow in which our artifical creations are our way of populating the world and the idea of technology as humanity's exoskeleton - that like a tortoise has a shell we have the tools we create - turn technology into a form of expression.

As we come to bear on major advances in Machine Intelligence, Space Travel, Virtual Reality, Synthetic Biology, and Genomics I thought more and more on these ideas. 

My way of participating in this conversation is through these stories and these characters, who embody some parts of what it means to be human and are forced to contend with both the good and the bad of what it means to be human in a technological world.