Illustration by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer

Illustration by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer

Everything I know, I learned from stories.

Now, I'm doing my best to tell heartfelt, entertaining stories myself. Currently, I have a few graphic novels in production that I'm really excited to bring to life. I'm also writing my first novella.

I also translate French Comics for American publishers and have translated such comics as Little Pierrot (Lionforge), Love Song (IDW), Ab Irato (Lionforge), POS (Magnetic), and more...


As a comic creator myself, I have a hard time sitting on the sidelines of my industry.

So, instead, I spend a lot of time working to make the Comic Industry a better place.

Creator At Large was built to help creators navigate the modern comics landscape, and use modern business & marketing strategies to build independent careers.


ComixLaunch was created to teach comic creators how to turn crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, into renewable resources they can use to finance their projects.

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Use the form below or email me via jeremy(at) - I'm also on Twitter, @JeremyMelloul !