Illustration by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer

Illustration by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer

It's no secret that most artists tend to shy away or distance themselves from the business side of art.

That's because they're worried about selling out. They're worried that marketing is inauthentic and they don't want to jeopardize their relationship with their audience.

But marketing can be more than that.

The problem is, most marketers fail to realize the potential of marketing. They focus entirely on results - on converting - and fail to realize that they're telling a story.

What happens then is the marketing fails to connect with an audience, it comes off inauthentic, and gets lost in the noise.

Marketing's real potential lies somewhere in the middle - in between the realms of business and art. That's where I live.

My mindset - as an artist and entrepreneur - is what allows me to do the work I do.

I live at the intersection of business and art. And I grew up there, too. Even going as far back to when I was five years old, I already had a side business going - selling the seashells I'd collect every summer.

I also can't remember a time when I wasn't writing. It's been the single most constant endeavor in my life.

These two tendencies - artist and entrepeneur - have always coexisted within me, but it took me a long time until I learned to bring the two together. To use the business mindset I have to support my artistic projects.

Today, living at that intersection informs everything I do - whether on my own projects, or on my clients'.

Unlike most artists who shy away from the business side, I know how to navigate the business and marketing side of entertainment. And unlike most business people, I understand how to make business and marking decisions that not only respect, but reflect, the artist's values.

Now, I help artists and creatives navigate the intersection of business and art so they can build their own careers and rocket to new levels of success. And when I'm not doing that, I'm pushing ahead and doing the same on my own projects.


As a comic creator myself, I have a hard time sitting on the sidelines of my industry.

So, instead, I spend a lot of time working to make the Comic Industry a better place.

Creator At Large was built to help creators navigate the modern comics landscape, and use modern business & marketing strategies to build independent careers.


ComixLaunch was created to teach comic creators how to turn crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, into renewable resources they can use to finance their projects.

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