The World of Pokémon


So... I made a Pokémon Zine!!! (my very first!)

Over the last couple months between big projects and other deadlines I put together this super fun, nostalgia trip of a 32 page zine and now it's ready to share!

It includes:

  • Personal stories from my childhood w/ Pokémon

  • Call-backs to nostalgic moments any Pokémon fan will love

  • Explorations about what it might actually be like to live in the world of Pokémon

  • & more! (including 1 very embarrassing picture of a me as a child, back when I was acting)

The entire zine is available for $3 with all the profits going to benefit the World Wildlife Fund! 🐼🐯🐧 ($3 is the minimum but you can pitch in more if you want).  

Behind the Scenes Video

You can also watch my process video on YouTube, documenting the entire process of making this zine - including me coming away with the realization that I wanted this zine to benefit the World Wildlife Fund as a way for to apply the genuine care and wonder that we have for Pokémon’s imaginary creatures to our very real ones.